South Liverpool Nordic Walking

We have been running since 2014 and walk around the stunning Parks and woodland of South Liverpool.

We love getting outdoors and enjoying fresh air, exercise and making new friends.

Nordic Walking uses over 90% of your body muscles so you are toning as you go.  You burn off more calories than ordinary walking but it takes the pressure off your lower joints so you actually feel lighter.

Nordic Walking ticks all the boxes for mental well-being:

  • Learning a new skill
  • Being active
  • Getting outdoors in green spaces
  • Connecting with people

We have found a fun, sociable way to keep fit.  Join us on one of our FREE taster sessions to find out more about how to learn the technique and our regular walks.

Current timetable of regular walks

Mondays 09.30, mixed ability/social walk.  We have a good length walk to take in the beauty of the area and include exercises to improve muscle tone, balance and co-ordination.

Wednesdays 09:30, mixed ability/fitness walk.  With the aim to improve your fitness with fun drills and our exercises include the fitness band to add more resistance for great results.


‘Learn Nordic Walking technique’  course£40.00

Regular Walks:

10 Walk Clip Card – £40.00


I have recently joined the group but it is friendly and has been a great way to explore Liverpool’s green spaces.  The walks can be done at your own pace and are as challenging as you make them.  I would highly recommend as a good way to exercise and a way of meeting new people.”  – Pam

South Liverpool Nordic Walking Group has been wonderful.  Since arriving back in Liverpool after 12 years away it has given me the chance to meet Carolyn the group leader who is a enthusiastic, happy, knowledgeable person who welcomes everyone into her group making each one feel relaxed and welcome.  Nordic walking for me ticks all the boxes, getting me outdoors regularly in the fresh air (somedays fresher than others!) while meeting diverse yet like minded people, wonderful for the body and soul!”   Yvonne


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